Wednesday, August 17, 2005

CIAO Case Study: Economics of Terrorism

This is a well written case study by Prof. Gold of the Graduate Program in International Affairs at the New School University. By far, it is the least biased of the posts on the subject matter. I guess Professor Gold did earn his Masters degree after all.

CIAO Case Study: Economics of Terrorism:
David Gold
Professor of Economics
Graduate Program in International Affairs
New School University
Terrorism has multiple roots and multiple effects. Economic considerations come into play at both ends, but it has been difficult for scholars and policy makers to reach a consensus on what role economics plays in causing terrorism, and how economic considerations might be useful in understanding terrorism and in devising strategies and specific policies to counter terrorism. Much of the discussion about the links between economics and terrorism has revolved around how poverty, inequality, and limits on opportunity shape terrorist responses, and on how the alleviation of these conditions might reduce the incidence of terror. In addition, policy responses have increasingly emphasized such tools as economic sanctions on states that are supporters of terrorism and efforts to disrupt the financing channels of terrorist organizations."

Read the rest of the study (in PDF format)...

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