Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Identity theft Unresolved with Yahoo!


And I will not rest quietly until it gets solved.
A long time ago, I opened up a group thru Yahoo groups. Time went by (a few weeks or months perhaps) then, eventually I stopped posting for a while. When I came4 back to the site, I was not able to log in.
I went to their help site to find assistance, and then decided to finally give in and change my password.
Well after 4 times or so of giving them via their "unable to sign in" protocol my name, yahoo email address, and my mother's maiden name I gave up as the site repeatedly told me my mother's maiden name was the incortrect response for me to be able to log in.....
I left the issue to rest for a while, and tried again online. No success.
I gave them a call finally, as there is no email addresses to contact and no "real" people behind the sites. The person on the other side of the phone would not accept my basic information either and told me that my mother's maiden name was not the right one I had given!...
I the mean time, there is a new member, possibly two that have signed in to the group and have posted spam that has been there for the last year or more. I tried calling the company yesterday as well, to no avail. A series of recorded messages, but no real humans behind the scene.
I emailed one of their departments yesterday to no avail either.
So, I guess that my next campaign in life is to pursue my case until someone or anyone at the company decides to collaborate with my restoring my stolen identity and be given full rightful access to my group.
If you feel and believe that posting this in different places will assist me in my pursuits, please drop me a line at edfern34@hotmail.com
I will see that your efforts in assisting me with this issue get rewarded.


UPDATE 11/22/05
I contacted the Company again. Have not heard from them.
They sent a survey, I filled it in with my thoughts and oppinions indicating there is a problem, but I guess they really do not care...

UPDATE 12/02/05
Have not heard from Yahoo as of yet...Could it be that it is not just me that gets the end of the stick here? I found this article today that could explain very well why Yahoo does not care about someone like me:

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