Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Cost of Fighting Terrorism

Now, this in a series of four, will then conclude the brief review as to what is involved in fighting terrorism, its possible causes as explained with the aid of Economic theory, and some of the reasoning behind the whole topic as it pertains to Economics. You, the reader then can draw a more informed perspective on the whole issue. Please do not hesitate to drop a line or two if you deem it appropiate.
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Again, this article is dated back to the time shortly after 9/11 tragic events.
The Cost of Fighting Terrorism

The Cost of Fighting Terrorism

So far, the tab hasn't been as great as many feared. But if conflict deepens, big sacrifices may have to be made

In the aftermath of September 11, most economists were sure the short-run impact would be to drive the U.S. deeper into recession. Goldman, Sachs & Co. predicted that gross domestic product would plunge by a steep 2.5% in the fourth quarter of 2001. Merrill Lynch & Co.'s economists had the recession lasting into first quarter 2002. And in December, 2001, the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development projected that the U.S. would show negative growth for the entire first half of 2002.
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