Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lessons for Geeks and Nerds and Us...

Maybe we all can learn what is being done right in India that is taking the bread and butter away from American workers, instead of winning and complainning about outsourcing, and pointing the finger somewhere...Oops! not these emotional words from an Economist...
It would be interesting to have a few geeks here and there, put together with the few Economics geeks and nerds to figure it all out!...
The first things I noticed are:
Partying has to be out. For good...I think that is what the post tastes to me...
Another thing was that those guys really worked together to have a blog like that!
Anyway, just my two cents...(before taxes and before indexing inflation into them)

The Indian Economy Blog

I Want To Rock & Roll All Night..
September 12th, 2005 by Prashant Kothari
And write code every day?!

The computer programmers arrived in the United States unknown to each other but united in their quest to rock.

On the surface, they were not unlike many others who have left India over the past decade on the H-1B visa, a guest worker program for highly skilled professionals. They wore glasses and mustaches and collared shirts. They could exterminate Y2K bugs and code Java and link Unix.

But as they toiled in cubicles, they dreamed of banging on keyboards of a different sort, of a world where C-sharp is just a musical note, not computer code.

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