Sunday, September 18, 2005

Some quite interseting facts about the world we live in...

The data is somewhat correct for 2003-2004 years and most of the times for 2005 too.
• Requires JavaScript
• Uses your computer's clock, so if you are curious how much we will have HIV-infected in 2050 then just change your system time to 2050. Please note that it will just calculate values based on current statistics.
• Please note that we're unable to "track" recent events like earthquake or war fatalities, since there are no available to public statistic about such events.
• There are known compatibility issues with some browsers, like Konqueror or Safari. Please use IE, Opera, Mozilla or Firefox if you see some weird or negative counters (for example ~2 billions in current population, while ~6 billions is correct). Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's no way to fix it at this time.
• Do not use for exact calculations.
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