Monday, October 03, 2005

Small Business Trends

I ran into a Small Business Trends Blog and found it to have a multitude of good information, trends and links all in relationship with Entrepeneurs and entrepeneurship and I thought it would be appropiate for me to mention the site here...

Small Business Trends: "Rise of the Entrepreneurial Class

John Koten, Editor in Chief of Inc magazine, recently spoke about the 'rise of the entrepreneurial class' at a talk I attended at the Cleveland City Club.

He called it one of two key factors in our economy today. A wide range of people today see themselves as entrepreneurs, he says -- everyone from Martha Stewart to Snoop Dog to college kids to retiring Baby Boomers. In his words, 'entrepreneurship is a huge underexpressed force' today, even in large companies.

What's more, people have a desire to be creative in business. That's the other key factor in the economy, he says: the rise of the creative class. People today desire to express themselves, often through art. And artists realize that by integrating business principles with their art, that they can further their art."

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